Wisdom Day

Dr. Anil Bajpai sir, has come up with highly efficacious and inspiring show…where he shares his boundless knowledge with the students and public at large on various topics be it..pedagogical, philosophical,individual, universal, local, national, globose, catholic, transnational, spiritual, psychological, and historical and you name it!

He firmly believes that knowledge increases by sharing not saving !

Thus his very aim to commence “wisdom day” is to let others light their candles in his knowledge and wisdom …

“Wisdom day show”


“The Pandemic and our planet”

What does the future holds after the pandemic ?
Do we have a sustainable planet , economy or development ?
How can we undo all the wrongs we have done to mother earth?


Whether your want a space to entertain or a place to relax our lat

“A peep into the future”
Whats industry 4.0?
AI, future engineering…
The saying survival of the fittest is true at what extent ?
Have we ever thought of traditional way of education will be replaced by just a screen?